The tickets for the daylight tours are different according to the length of stay in Petra and Jordan.

1. Fees for the accommodated visitor: Visitor who stays at least one night in Jordan.

Entrance Ticket Price
One  Day 50 (J.D)
Two  Days 55 (J.D)
Three days 60 (J.D)

2.Fees for the accommodated visitor who visits Petra in the first day of his /her arrival from the border

             Entrance Ticket:          90 JD – 40 JD = 50 JD

* For the accommodated visitors who visit Petra in the first day of their arrival from the borders they will pay the border ticket fees(90JD) and return in the next day to get a refund of 40 JD

3. Fees for non-accommodated visitor:

Entrance Ticket:  (90 JD)


  • Please submit your passport to the tickets office.
  • Tickets are available by cash or Credit cards .
  • Children under 12 years are free of charge.

SUNDAY, JULY 21, 2019